The baby blog

The baby blog edition: getting personal!

Ever since I was a kid I’ve felt like there was something wrong with me. I don’t know that it was BECAUSE of my diabetes diagnosis, but it was around that time in my life that I became aware of it more acutely. I’ve struggled a lot with depression–which is difficult to discuss because people closest to you always want to help–and problem solve. ‘Try doing this’ or ‘maybe you need more of this in…

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A sigh for help

A sigh for help

I don’t know a nice way to ease into what I’ve got to say, so I’m just going to go for it. The fire’s gone out. Something’s gotta change.

rock climbing with diabetes oklahoma

Truncated version: I am going to start focusing my energy elsewhere. Working for a few likes on Facebook here and there won’t feed a family.

cats of instagram

Over the last several years I have put everything I have and am into LivingVertical–because I wanted to send a…

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Suffering is your friend

Suffering is your friend

We are exploring the theme of “change” as a team–and we are looking through a variety of “lenses” at what this means for us as we each deal with diabetes in our own way. I’ll kick things off… This morning I did something very unusual. Well, for me, it was a BIG change. I went running–that’s right, on purpose! Before you runners get all excited and label me a “convert”, please understand that this…

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The LivingVertical roadshow
This year is a journey. Literally and figuratively. One that will include a month long backcountry expedition and my first experience with parenthood. Living in Utah to train for the spring has been only marginally effective as most of the last several months were spent nursing my injured hand–and not climbing. Healing. Growing comfortable. Now with the birth of my daughter approaching in just…

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Stronger than I think I am

Stronger than I think I am: learing the ropes of #climbing and #diabetes

I’m new to this. The bloody fingers, the math problem called carb counting, the balancing act that is life with diabetes. It’s all so new, and hard to believe that it will be my life forever. I’m also struggling to eliminate gluten from my diet after a recent diagnosis of Celiac disease. It’s hard — really hard — and I feel like I will never get to lead a “normal” life.

When I’m being honest, I’m…

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Grow with us.
I’ll keep this short and sweet because I want to spend my day training for the LEAD 2014 project and taking advantage of the fact that my hand is starting to heal. Today I am excited to announce that Team LivingVerticalhas launched on social media to connect with you as we begin training and preparing to come together from all corners of the country (and possibly the world) to bring our diabetes…

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Diabetes by number
This week has been interesting. I have nearly OD’ed on diabetes, but not quite. I’ve still got a few more things to say. I spent the time leading up to the weekend going to my endocrinologist, seeing a nurse-diabetes educator (about maybe getting a pump!) and then over the weekend, I was privileged to speak to several hundred people at JDRF Type One Nation events in Boston and Rhode Island. I…

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The will to LEAD

The will to LEAD

This past week I have been on the road promoting LivingVertical and sharing about our upcoming LEAD initiative at JDRF Type One Nation events. Part of this process has involved distillation of the message of what we are doing and why–because I am going to be delivering keynote addresses in New Englandthis weekend which center around the theme of empowerment–and as I have shared many times, I…

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I see a lot of outrage regarding the way that the public percieves diabetes, most recently due to the article that Bill Cosby wrote for the NY Times. Sometimes I feel like I am missing the outrage gene, because it takes a lot for me to get up in arms.…

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