Re-thinking some gear for Project365

After 35 days of climbing with no rest days (and 330 days to go before we get one) we have been revisiting what we will need to make it through this project and document it. 

Week one of Project 365 is done—here is what day 7 looked like! 356 more days of climbing left…check out to read the blog update and some exciting news!

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Project 365 is ON the Discovery Adventure page!!!!!

LivingVertical: Project 365 documents a year long journey into the wildest, steepest and most extreme terrain in North America–to conquer the unconquerable; overcoming diabetes through the simple act of climbing–every day, for one year. Diabetes will be my full-time job. The mountains will be my office.

365 days of climbing, starting Jan 1, 2012—Visit for the play-by play!

Today is World Diabetes Day—Millions of people live with this incurable condition and I am one of them. My wife and I are on a mission to raise awareness and show that Diabetes does not have to hold you back in life—by climbing every day in 2012 and making a documentary out of this epic journey. Here is a short video we put together for WDD.  Stop on by for more!

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Oh-EM GEE! The IRS "liked" my FB status!

Latest blog entry from the LivingVertical team as we prepare for 365 consecutive days of rock climbing and mountaineering to put the beat-down on type 1 diabetes in 2012! Right now we are fine tuning our nutritional intake and training and watching Maury and working full time to pay for carburetor repairs and other fineries that we will require as we explore some neo-minimalism through a fitness framework. Now go grab a soy latte and read on. Its gonna be a fun ride.

LivingVertical is a grassroots nonprofit organization geared toward introducing individuals with Type 1 Diabetes to rock climbing and healthy, organic lifestyles.

As part of our kick-off awareness and fund raiser, I will be climbing for 365 days straight beginning in early 2012. The 365 Challenge will help us spread awareness of this chronic medical condition and bring a better quality of life to all people with Diabetes.

To help us make this adventure happen, please visit


I am finally back in NY after a month of shooting footage for the 365 Challenge fundraiser…we have a LOT of editing that needs to be done, but I will trickle out little clips here and there…please enjoy and stay tuned because we are just getting started!


Breaking down the gear after Tricouni Nail from steve richert on Vimeo.

After a hard fought day ascending scary spires in the Needles!


Black Hills from steve richert on Vimeo.

so its 4:54 AM at Devils Tower and we are headed for the summit this morning…but I wanted to share a little bit of what we have been doing in prep for the 365 Challenge so far…please note that the editing is crude and simple…please follow us on Twitter and

Tell your friends and stay tuned for more!


Churning on the wake (radio edit) from steve richert on Vimeo.

Trevor and I took a couple days off from traveling to enjoy a day on Pelican Lake—wake-boarding and boating with some of Trevors mates. We had a great time in the great city of Fargo too—big thank you to Ebba for hosting us at his place and providing several solid meals and all sorts of hospitality.

Internet may be spotty from this point forward, but next comes some climbing footage from the LEDGENDARY black hills of South Dakota.


Life on the road from steve richert on Vimeo.

Rain from steve richert on Vimeo.

2 days, no sleep, lots of miles and radio stations fading in and out of range. Wisconsin has the worst mosquitoes ever. EVER. We got MAULED while making and eating dinner. Such is life, on the road. I did a bit of experimentation with the time lapse effects…more to come on this! Enjoy!